Our pantry boy is playing
with a new typeface.

The planning head is putting finishing touches on a long copy ad. The creative director is busy getting a strategy document in place. And the MD? He is at the printer’s, checking out some freshly arrived paper samples.

Strange, you might say. But at OTS, it’s the average day.

It’s a surprising little place. We’re one of the oldest ad agencies in Hyderabad. And among the more successful ones, even though we hardly ever pitch for new business. It is our long standing clients (with whom we’ve cemented great friendships) who pass the good word around that gets us invited to partner brands for their communication needs.

Despite our own unusual way of functioning, we’ve managed to build a remarkable reputation for being a solid, dependable shop for a variety of media solutions: Nationwide campaigns for power and infrastructure giants. Dainty little ads for gourmet restaurants. Glittering product launches. Sporting events. We do it all, and with relish.

So, if we put on each other’s hats, it’s not exactly role-reversal. More like - if the shoe fits, wear it.
Everyone’s welcome to dabble in whatever interests them,as long as it’s for the greater good of the accounts we handle and, of course, our bottom line.

All this can be quite fulfilling, on most days. On other days, we do feel the need for a few young professionals of able body and sharp mind in the mix. So we’ve decided it’s time to have more fun and share the means at our disposal.

You want to make demo films in-house? No problem. Access the finest creative showcase albums at 6am? Done. Monopolize the boardroom so no-one disturbs you while you rearrange the powerpoint slides? You got it.

It won’t hurt that two fashionable pubs are within crawling distance from office, either. So here goes: we are looking for account executives, copywriters and art directors. Shoot your CV to mail@ots.net.in and expect a call from us if you’re sure your resume will interest us.

In the event that you do come on board, don’t be surprised if your business cards are actually on your desk even before your appointment letter is ready. Things like that are known to happen here.
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