26 March 2020

Banking on new ideas

Banks & Advertising
There was a time when banks hardly advertised except for the change in interest rates and balance sheets. The emergence of private players and co-operatives opened up this sector with a lot of communication. Here are some of the memorable campaigns:

1. Surprisingly SBI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZNVErGV2x4
2. ICICI Bank: Amitabh Bachchan was roped in as the brand ambassador way back in 2001. ICICI has been doing some consistent communication, though it may not be highly creative.

“Hum Hain Naa” and “Khayal Aapka” were certainly memorable ones.

3. Axis Bank: When UTI became AXIS, the communication that rolled out was really engaging. Especially the twins campaign. Later they moved on to a Brand Ambassador: Deepika Padukone for the campaign.

“Badhti ka naam Zindagi”

4. Kotak Bank (earlier Bank of Madura)
The campaign was called “Subbu sab jaanta hai” and sharing the banks pluses through a celebrity, named Subbu. In addition, we can’t forget their “Kona Kona Kotak”.


5. Canara Bank: The campaign revealed a new identity, and the launch was a memorable one, touching on old values and modern technology. Pretty clichéd but executed well.

6. Global Trust Bank did a lot of communication and was later taken over by Oriental Bank of Commerce.

7. We witnessed communication f rom ANZ Grindlay’s, Bank of America, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank (with Sania Mirza for the launch), IDBI Bank.

8. Citibank’s “Citi never sleeps” was a classic line.

9. At regional level we saw some interesting work done by TNSC Bank, Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank and Karur Vysya Bank

The larger question to be answered is: Where is the trust?

Subbu P

Vice President,
OTS Advertising