Our Work

Great campaigns are inspired by powerful consumer insights that resonate deeply with the target audience. OTS relies on these human touch-points to touch consumers in special ways. We create a balance between magic and logic in the context of the larger purpose.

Attack is the
best defence,
everyone says.
We proved it.

Proud to have
a role in putting
AP on the
world map.

We leveraged
the power of
Social Media.

We make it simple but memorable.

We gave ‘Unity
in Diversity’
a nice
little twist.

We let our
figures do
the talking.

We opened
doors in new
and interesting

We enjoy making you look good.

Our bond has grown and strengthened with passing time.

Building a
new face.
Step by step.

We turned
zero into
a hero.

Our true strength is making ideas happen.

We complemented the supplements, beautifully.

We put the
on little folks

We moved
Green Fields to
greener pastures