Bison Panel


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Building Materials

We made people bond with a multipurpose building board

NCL introduced Bison Panel to India in 1992, with technology courtesy Bison Werke, Germany. The multipurpose building board had already built a formidable reputation around the world.

It was inevitable that India would be its next ‘Hall of Fame.’

Today, NCL is the largest manufacturer of Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) in the world. You read it right. Bison Panel is made using breakthrough techniques. Making it a one of-a-kind board that is not just multi-purpose but also strong and durable.

With its versatility, Bison was looking to increase its share of the market.

It embodied India: ‘Unity in Diversity.’ But few knew about its versatility. So, we spread the word in a pithy and powerful way. The tagline reads “One board. Infinite Uses.”

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