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We let our figures
do the talking.

DC vs. Times of India – Figures unfold campaign

Times of India ran a chest-thumping campaign of holding top spot in Readership numbers among English dailies in Hyderabad. DC returned fire in tongue-in-cheek style, endorsing it with real figures as supported by the Indian Readership survey. Showing it was ahead of the Times!

We began our engagement by setting the tone for the brand with a strong positioning statement that captured the essence of what it had to offer. The line – Duradoor. Fit it. Forget it – emphasised the durability, convenience, and flexibility that Duradoor ushered in – a first in an otherwise unorganised sector.

The Vijayawada Launch

Vijayawada was going through the throes of bustle and development when DC relaunched their Vijayawada edition. The edition was spruced up with supplementary city-centric information and other territorial features.

Strategic areas were shortlisted as the communication peg was ‘How local can DC get’?

As native as your temple. As toothsome as your sweets. As familiar as your landmarks. It rooted DC in the community. The sense of belonging was overwhelming as was the response.

The campaign went a long way in bringing DC back into the good books of readers and local advertisers.

Metro Station Branding Hyderabad

With the launch of the new metro lines in Hyderabad, DC captured all the stations (and the imagination) by bagging the security kiosks with location-precise branding. Contextual branding hand in hand with timeliness brought in smiles for miles.

Coffee Table-book

On the historic occasion of Deccan Chronicle completing 75 illustrious years, a Coffee table book was conceived with accounts of DC’s richly-textured history.

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